KS3 Curriculum Guide

Key Stage 3 (Yrs 7 – 9)

Students in Key Stage 3 follow the National Curriculum for England and Wales. The key stage is a 3 year programme of study. Students develop a range of study skills and build upon these year on year. Students study a wide range of subjects which give them the foundations for continuing onto IGCSE courses in Key Stage 4.

Teachers engage students by using a wide range of activities. Wherever possible, lessons are interactive and challenging. The style of teaching is focused on extending students’ understanding and their ability to develop critical thinking.


As students progress through Key Stage 3 they will need to take greater responsibility for their learning in order to grow into independent learners. Students will be expected to keep their work organised and up to date.


There are 2 important transition stages during Key Stage 3.

Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3

  • During Year 6, students visit the Secondary School and will spend a day being taught by the teachers based in the secondary section
  • Year 7 students visit Year 6 for question and answer sessions about the experiences of the move from Year 6 to Year 7
  • Parent meetings are held to inform parents as to what the move from Primary to Secondary School entails

Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4

  • Students attend sessions giving information about subjects they can study at GCSE/IGCSE level
  • A parent/student information evening is held where a presentation will be given about making option choices and subject staff will be on hand to talk about their subjects at Key Stage 4.


Regular (but not obsessive) testing and assessment forms a central part of progress through years 7 to 9.

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