KS4 Curriculum Guide

Key Stage 4 - Years 10 and 11

International General Certificate in Secondary Education (GCSE / IGCSE)  (Yr 10 – 11)

Key Stage 4 students will commence a 2 year programme of study. The examinations taken at the end of the 2 years are externally set and marked. These examinations are known as GCSEs / IGCSEs. VES is accredited by Edexcel, an internationally recognised board offering a range of examinations in Key Stage 4 and 5.

English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics are studied by all students. The remaining subjects are offered as a choice and may vary from year to year.

Currently option choices include: PE, Art, History, Geography, ICT/Computer Science, French, Arabic and Business Studies.

IGCSEs are British examinations that have an international content. These qualifications are recognised around the world. The subject content is structured to enable students to develop independent thinking, creativity and analytical and evaluative skills.


Assessments and Examinations

Assessments at Key Stage 4 are continuous and appear in a range of formats, both formative and summative. Types of assessments may include module assessments, class work, homework, presentations and internally set examinations. A mixture of these assessments gives a picture of the progress students are making and allows teachers to give advice on how to improve in order to achieve the best possible results.

The summative assessment is an external examination taken in June of year 2. Examinations are set and marked by the examination board in the UK. Results are published online in August.

Students are awarded grades ranging from A* - G, all of which are pass grades. Students wishing to progress to Key Stage 5 (Year 12 and 13) studies must achieve a minimum of 5 A* - C grades. Entry to any particular course is subject to the grade achieved at GCSE / IGCSE and is at the school’s discretion, though to continue to study at Key Stage 5 a minimum of Grade B in the chosen subject is expected, except in Mathematics where the minimum expectation is grade A at IGCSE.


VES Examination Success at IGCSE

IGCSE results at VES are consistently high. The table below illustrates the success in 2013 and 2014 of students at Victoria English School. 


UK Average 2015




% A*





% 5A * - C





% 5A* - G






Learning beyond the curriculum

Success and achievement is not limited to academic success. Our students are able to demonstrate skills and talents beyond the stipulated academic curriculum, whether it is sporting, creative, supportive or challenging. It is important to recognise and celebrate these achievements as much as those accolades given to academic success. 

Here at VES we aim to offer the opportunity for students to take part in extra-curricular activities and sporting events. They are given the opportunity to lead as sport captains, class captains, house captains, as representatives on the Student Council and to take part in The Duke of Edinburgh"s International Award. Our students are encouraged to consider those less fortunate by fundraising for charity and community work.  Sixth form students are encouraged to give time to mentor younger students in a variety of classroom activities. 

Learning for everybody goes beyond the classroom. We take pride in providing opportunities for our students to establish, develop and enhance skills, enabling our students to identify their strengths and talents both in the classroom and outside it.

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