Our main aim in the nursery is to make the experience fun for our children. They learn much more quickly and easily when they are absorbed and interested in what they are doing.

Social skills are learned and developed by watching others and through practice. Children need to be given opportunities to develop important social skills and to experience social success; this leads to self confidence and friendship.

Encouragement and constant praise are key factors in our school, even for the smallest achievement, praise will help a child 's confidence and ability to learn new things.

Our team consists of staff with extensive experience in assessment and in implementing supportive strategies for our children.

Our nursery will be a stepping stone between home and school where your child will learn a great deal but through the best medium; PLAY. A fully qualified and well experienced British nursery teacher will supervise the daily routine of your children.


  • Deposit of Dhs 500 - This is required to reserve a place and will be refunded provided at least 1 term notice of leaving is given. This amount may be carried forward to reserve a place in FS1.
  • Dhs 500 - A one time non-refundable payment for registration, consumable craft materials, books, toys etc.
  • Children in the Nursery will be given priority of places in Victoria English School provided they pass the assessment test and register before the end of February.


7.55 am - 1.00 pm from Sunday - Wednesday

7:55 am - 12:30 pm : Thursdays


Phone: 06 5226034

Fax: 06 5227154

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